Marina Salinas provides an exclusive pilotage service to meet the needs of ocean voyagers.

You can contact this service in our offices or on VHF CHANNEL 9.

Surveillance and pilotage service 24/7/365

Boathandling assistance

Salvage of damaged or disabled vessels

Diver service

Pumping and firefighting service


Maintenance and cleaning of pontoons, roadways and facilities in general

Rent and/or sale of electric power and water supply connectors

Storage rental


“Punto Limpio” (recycling centre) management

Custody and surveillance of vessels

VHF channel 9: Yacht club traffic channel

Channel 16 VHF: International distress, safety and calling

Chandler and nautical shop

Bilge pumping

Disposal of blackwater in an authorised area with mobile equipment. Work is performed at the waiting dock or the bunkering station